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Recruitment and Exhibition of ICGHIT Conf

Thực tập - Học bổng — vào February 10, 2014 lúc 10:00 am

Recruitment and Exhibition of ICGHIT Conf. with young and smart Vietnamese student are actively involving in helping academics and IT industries in Korea do something better, more efficient and more productively.

Accordingly, our student recruit and exhibition event is a good opportunity for both prospective Vietnamese students and the employers in Korea.

Professors in research centers and CEO’s in IT area company in Korea are looking forward to find out young Vietnamese students.

On this event, they can interview each other on site to see the best student and company or university that they would fit perfectly for the job position.

Interactive discussions are expected to be a part of the event.

ICGHIT Conf. is seeking forward-thinking young students who passionate for continual learning, academic growth, and are motivated by making a positive impact on the world.

Companies who want to exhibit their products and are interested in this program are ask to conatact to us.

Students who would like to have an interview in place, please send your resume to Recruit event chair, Prof. Lee(ktlee@kongju.ac.kr).

And Professors who are looking for smart Vietnamese student as the Master or Doctor course position, send your Lab. information to the Chair as well.